Creative Video of the Tardy eLiminator™ produced by Hilo H.S., Hilo, Hawaii and starring the Hilo H.S. Students and Faculty

"You are an absolute Godsend.”
O.W., Assistant Principal

“This program works. We started with 140 tardies per day first period. Now we have 59!”
L.J., Vice Principal
“One person is now doing the work of six.”
O.M., Assistant Principal
“Have I told you how much I love this program?”
J.L., Associate Principal
  Congratulations to MacArthur High School!  
Congratulations to MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas for winning Intel's the "Best of the Best" award for Technology Implementation. 
This was part of Intel's "Schools of Distinction" program that awards over $2 million to innovative and progressive schools. 
We are pleased to have served them during this past year.