Tired of Tardies?™

Dread the hassle of issuing tardy slips and dealing with tardy students?

Most administrators dread the changing of classes, especially the first period of the morning and after lunch.

  • Who will be late?
  • How long will the line be?
  • Will I be able to keep up with writing all of those tardy slips?
  • And what do I do with them after they're written?

These are questions that many school administrators ask themselves every day as their problem grows and grows.

If only you could solve all your tardy problems and the associated tasks that go along with them, you could have much more time to devote to other, more rewarding tasks.  Even your administrative assistant is burdened with the job and is looking for a better solution and a way out of the hassle.  

It’s so bad that this topic is the main item of discussion at many of your administrative meetings.  Or, because it’s such a touchy subject, you ignore it altogether, hoping it won’t come up.

Are you tired of trying different solutions to get students to class on time?

Sometimes merely keeping track of each tardy is enough motivation, but unless the method is quick and easy, administrators dread the task and ignore it.  And the students know it and take advantage of it.

Sometimes just calling the parent is enough of a motivator to get students to class on time.  But, in order to notify the parents, how do you track: 

  • Who was late, what period and date they were late?
  • How many times this semester have they been late?
  • What’s the parent’s name and phone number?

Another question is — who will be spending all that time to make the calls?  Again, a consistent, easy way is needed to make this burdensome task go quicker and smoother.

Stacks of paper are no fun!  And what about scheduling discipline?

After all the tardy slips are written, you can’t understand how the stack got so large, so you put off dealing with it.  But, sooner or later you face the huge task of scheduling and assigning those tardy students for discipline—lunch detention, after school detention, Saturday School, in school suspension, parent meeting, and the list goes on and on.

Is there an easier, better way to avoid the hassle that tardy students create?

  • If only there was a way that the student could automatically be scheduled for discipline at the very moment the tardy slip was issued...
  • If only there was a way to know how many times each student was late this semester...
  • If only there was a printout for parent conferences listing the student tardy and discipline history...
  • If only we didn’t have to spend countless hours managing these tardies...
  • If only I could get back to doing what I love to do—devoting more time and energy to do what I originally signed up for—the role of mentoring and making a difference in the life of these students...

If you’re tired of tardies too, why not give us a try?

We’d love to help your school tame those tardies!

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